Mary’s Slideshow

April 28, 2012

Hi folks,

After several attempts to figure out how in the world to embed a video in wordpress, I finally gave up and put it on youtube. I really hope to figure out how to do it soon, and just have it on here. I would really prefer not to have it on youtube, mainly because I can’t control the ads or other videos that come up alongside Mary’s slideshow…I’m sorry about that, so please use caution! You never know what will come up.  Another problem is the audio has come minor glitches that aren’t in the original. As soon as I can, I’ll embed the video on here, so you won’t have to view it through youtube.

Thank you so much for all of your continued prayers and support. We have been amazed at how the body of Christ has moved and ministered on our behalf. All of the meals, cards, gifts, prayers, and hugs from family, friends, and even “strangers” have carried us through this. We love ya’ll.

Here is the youtube link to the video:

With love in Christ,


2 Responses to “Mary’s Slideshow”

  1. Amanda, I was in the same Thursday morning Bible study small group with you at TBC for the first part of your pregnancy with Mary. I have been following your blog. Your grace through this time has encouraged me. Your willingness to be so open and vulnerable is like a breath of fresh air. Praying for and with you as you travel this unknown road. Tears streamed down my face while watching your video. Such a testimony you are sharing and continuing to live out.

  2. victorialb said

    beautiful! much love.

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