Another Even Quicker Update :)

February 16, 2012

I don’t have the emotional energy to blog much tonight, but I did want to tell you all thank you for praying. We are so very grateful. And I wanted to update you on the ultrasound. It was hard… We were so happy to see our girl, and we got some precious pictures of her face. She’s beautiful. But we also saw that she is very behind in her head development (12 weeks behind…so it basically hasn’t grown since our last ultrasound) and weight (about 5 weeks). I would be lying if I said I wasn’t discouraged and grieved to the core.  We, and so so many people, are continuing to beg God for her healing; and as her arrival draws closer, it gets more and more crucial that I trust him with his answer. But not only crucial that I trust and accept it, but that I truly believe that what he chooses is good and perfect and better than any plan I could have for myself or Mary. And it gets harder…at least for me. I love the Lord. I love him more than life. I love him because he gave his very own life up as a ransom for me…and no matter what the cost, I have to trust him…With my heart, with Mary’s, and with my family’s heart. Trust him with me. And please don’t stop praying. We need you. 

With all of our love,
The Stagg’s


2 Responses to “Another Even Quicker Update :)”

  1. Glenna Meadows said

    Hayden & Amanda, John & I have been praying for you, your family, esp. Mary Amanda daily since Dec. when we first heard that there was a problem with Mary Amanda’s development. What a hard place that you are in & how the devil would love nothing more than for you to wander away from our Lord. We are strengthened by your faith, & continue to pray for an ever increasing awareness of His great faithfulness. I just wanted to share three Scriptures that have ministered to us over that last couple of years with the cancer of our daughter-in-law and the death of my father. Isaiah 41:10, Ps 18, and II Cor. 4:16-18. Perhaps God will use them to minister to you as well. Even when you are totally relying on God and seeing God say & do amazing things, we understand that it is still hard. We love you-we are standing in the gap for you. John and Glenna Meadows

  2. Lindsey Merchant said

    Continual prayers coming from Louisiana!!!

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