His Love

December 15, 2011

Hey everyone. I just wanted to give you all a quick update on our appointment yesterday. It was good to see Mary, but as always, it was also really difficult. I was hoping for some small sign of improvement, but instead we found she has more fluid on her brain than before. As expected, her head was about three weeks behind the average head size for her gestational age. The rest of her sweet body is growing great, though. The doctor said there was really no need to do any more ultrasounds, especially since the visits can be pretty emotional. But, I asked him if we could do just one more before she’s born-just so I can see her again, and maybe see positive changes (I know that this would be a total miracle, but that’s what we’re going to keep asking for until there’s no need to ask anymore).

It was a really sad visit for Hayden and me. I am just so afraid of losing her, but I also know that God is big enough to handle my fears and doubts. I would love to share two songs that have recently been very relevant to us. The first is by Shane and Shane, called “Your Love”.  It just talks about how his love is big enough to carry us through anything, and even to bring good out of anything. The second is by Matt Hammitt. I’d heard the song probably 50 times but hadn’t ever really listened to the words. It’s a song he wrote when he thought he and his wife might lose their newborn son to heart problems. It describes perfectly our feelings for Mary, and also the struggle to completely open our hearts to her, especially with the possiblity of losing her. The links are below.

Shane & Shane, Your Love


Matt Hammitt, All of Me


One of my most favorite ladies, Kim Ransleben, tells me over and over again that when I get fearful or worried or dissatisfied (or impatient, or angry, or any other sinful emotion I deal with daily), that I’ve lost sight of my Heavenly Father; that if I can just place my gaze back on him, and see who he is, and who I am in him, all of the other things will grow dim, and really won’t seem like “things” at all anymore. And in truth, when we see Him for who he really is we become more and more like him-2 Corinthians 3:18 “But we all, with unveiled face, beholding the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another. For this comes from the Lord who is the Spirit.” So that is our prayer. That sweet Mary will help us to see him better, will cause us to press in to him, and not turn away. And that others will come to know him through her life, as well.

With all our love,

The Staggs


2 Responses to “His Love”

  1. Holly said

    May we all press harder into Him.. I love you friend and will pray..


  2. Julie said

    How you bring HIM such glory in your every situation, Amanda & Hayden…! I love you both dearly!

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