A picture of our girl

December 15, 2011


This is a picture of a picture, so it's not great, but she's still beautiful.



2 Responses to “A picture of our girl”

  1. Tammy Heavner said

    Bless your heart Amanda. I’m so sorry for your current struggle. It’s so hard to be a Momma and have a fear of losing a child. But this journey will strengthen you. It will strengthen your marriage, it will strengthen the love for all your children, and it will strengthen you faith.
    Having been through a similar situation myself, I understand your feelings. I wondered how a God that loves me so much could have me hurt so badly. Now years later, I realize how much that horrible time has helped to shape the person and mother I am now. I take nothing for granted. I cherish every moment with my kids and husband. I look at the world completely different now. Looking back at how far I’ve come, I know that God needed me to draw closer to Him. To become intimate with Him on a different level.
    You have a beautiful family, a wonderful fulfilled life. Cherish the moments with Mary and understand that God may be pushing you toward a new reality. A reality to help others more compasionately in their time of need. You will understand and have empathy for others. God is always good. Even if sometimes it doesn’t seem so.

    I pray for strength and peaceful days for you sweetie.

  2. Lillie Tullos said

    My dearest Amanda, I am Hayden’s grandmother’s sister and the news spread to our family from your Aunt Bettie….the first grandchild of my parents. I have prayed for you daily since the news, having had four of my own and now thirteen grands and one great grand. We lost the first great grand and it was unbelievable grief, but in my old age I have learned that bad things happen even to God’s children. That our circumstances should not affect our faith! Believe me that is hard. Praying for you. Aunt Lillie

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